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Welcome to the first WSConsumer Digital Digest.  Every week I will be sending around new innovative digital campaigns, new products and generally awesome stuff from the wonderful online world. So sit back and enjoy.

This week has seen England become number 1 in the world in cricket, ‘The Michelangelo of the Digital Age’ Steve Jobs step down as CEO of Apple, Social media driving new language adoption with ‘retweet’ entering the English dictionary and a wandering Penguin ending up 2,000 miles from home.

In other news, Cadbury’s are transforming chocolate bar packaging into games using the born again darling of the digital world, augmented reality.This is a nice extension of their spots vs stripes campaign and works very well.

Volkswagen are showcasing the green credentials of their new Golf Blue Motion with a roulette based game using Google Maps. Google maps mashups were very ‘in’ a few years back and it’s good to see them coming back, as when done correctly they can be incredibly immersive.

In the latest movement in the telco market Skype appear to be trying to take on RIM with the purchase messaging service GroupMe. This is a very clever acquisition as it will increase the interactivity of the platform and, with Microsoft’s purchase of Nokia’s phone business and their imminent purchase of Skype, will allow them to become a much bigger player in this space.

As always, Facebook haven’t been far from the news. This week they have announced, amongst other things that they are changing the way that their places application will work. Now you are able to view places that are nearby your location and see any offers that are available in the vicinity increasing your choice of deals and, most importantly, increasing the potential interaction between brands/establishments and consumers.

However, the biggest announcement, in my humble opinion, this week  is the announcement that Facebook will be live streaming a first round game from the FA Cup. Whilst this may not be the biggest game it does showcase an interesting shift in the way media is consumed. I think that in the future we will see the likes of the Microsoft’s (they own part of FB) and Google’s of the world pitching against Sky et al for rights for events and this is something that broadcasters should be very wary of. Facebook also announced deals with Miramax and the bbc to showcase their films and tv shows respectively.

For tech geeks like me Minority Report was incredible, not only visually, but because we knew that the technology was available to actually make it happen. Fast forward 9 years and with several big brands finding a few spare pounds we could increasingly see some of this technology in everyday life. This article from the Wallb Blog nicely describes how brands are venturing into this space and I for one am very excited.

I will leave you with my favourite piece of digital this week – Snooze and donate. This is either a great way to get people to work on time or a great way to increase charitable donation. Or Both. Either way it is brilliant and it is my pick of the week.

Happy Thursday one and all,



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