Friday 9th of September

This week has seen a former Gypsy boxing champion beat several people on loan from the Priory to win Channel 5’s first foray with celebrity big brother , the Rugby World Cup kick off, Lil Wayne ‘breaks’ iTunes sales record and The Beatles’ yellow submarine stolen from Liverpool church.

As well as all this…..

Do’s and don’ts of hashtags
This is a nice concise list of the key do’s and don’ts to take on board when using hashtags. Like most of these lists it is mostly common sense, but it is still a good list to keep in mind when using the platform

Also from Twitter, this week saw their global pr twitter account (@twitterglobalpr) live tweeting a talk given by their CEO Dick Costelo on the state of their business. He delivered some great key stats with the highlights being:
• has more than 400 million monthly unique visitors, according to Google Analytics. That number is up from 250 million in Jan, ’11
• 55% of active users are active on mobile. They’ve seen tremendous growth with mobile – about 40% increase quarter over quarter
• 40% of monthly active users do not tweet. This means that they have not tweeted in the last month.
• 40% of monthly active users do not tweet. This means that they have not tweeted in the last month.
• And, apparently Twitter is a platform for engagement. Who’d have thought it hey?

From the guys in Palo Alto this week we have an interesting blog about management of social media campaigns. From their research they have discovered that when content is published from third party applications such as Hootsuite, Tweetdeck etc they receive up to 70% fewer likes and comments. As the article describes, this could be down to the ‘reducing of the prominence’ of posts published in this way , the differing capabilities of the applications themselves or Facebook just wanting you to use their platform manually. However, it all boils down to the simple fact that there are now short cuts without consequences.

In other Facebook news, they have relaxed their rules pertaining to engagement by gambling companies on the platform in the UK and Betfair have been the first to move on this. Previously all updates had to be approved by FB and there was a limit on posts per week, however they will now not need to be approved and they will be able to create free to play apps within their page. This may not create the flood of content updates that you may think as there are still a huge number of legal hurdles that prevent them from taking this to the levels that they would like to. However, this could be the beginning of potentially the world biggest gambling site.

My favourite campaigns of the week go to Ariel, Cadbury and Monopoly .

First up is the Ariel Fashion Shoot: Facebook Game Installation. Here is a great piece of digital/social media real world convergence from Ariel. What is really nice about this campaign is that it takes a really cool experiential idea and by utilising the reach of social and digital platforms amplifies this to a global level. Thus proving again, that social media isn’t just online.

Next is the latest extension of the Cadbury Spots V Stripes campaign. This time they have moved the focus to twitter where they found that there are 5,120 tweets (85 per minute) by users complaining about being bored. So they created the Boredom Buster. This takes the form of a both a desktop and mobile game and draws on the Twitter API to show tweets from around the world complaining about boredom and allows the user 1 minute to shoot down as many as they can with a cannon. Users can then post scores to all their social profiles, but the real hook is that everyone who plays and posts their score to Twitter gets put into a weekly draw and three randomly selected players will receive London 2012 tickets and a shedload of ‘Luxurious’ chocolate. Nice.

Finally is a brilliant idea around the family favourite Monopoly. They have partnered with Foursquare to create ‘Foursquaropoly’. As an extension of your Foursquare account you can now not only checkin, but start to play real life Monopoly. It works exactly like the board game i.e. if you own your local Starbucks, you will get ‘rent’ from everyone who checks in. You can then increase you property portfolio and grow your empire. I’m a big fan of this idea, it creates the potential to have lot’s on fun on a platform that, for me anyway, isn’t that much fun.

And finally

If you are like me you never start with anything but a blank page and a pencil. However, this does cause a few problems when it comes to creating digital presentations. But not anymore! Wacom have created inkling, a digital pen that allows you to draw with layers that can be imported to adobe CS5. Happy days-

TFL has released that they are in the process of opening up their real time bus data feed across their mobile platform, so you will never have to wonder if you have missed your last bus home again. They have actually be working on this project for some time and it was initially discovered late last week by a developer poking around in the data feeds of their mobile site (shhh, he shouldn’t have been doing it!) The twitterati and BBC news coverage prompted a short statement from TFL saying it was one of many things that they are working on. I think that this is a great new way of using the extensive data that they have to hand. Don’t be surprised if this is extended to the tube before the Olympics begins.

Everyone must watch this – The Social Media Revoultion

Have a great weekend


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